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Kate CampbellVisit this page each month to get a free download of a song specially selected by Kate. These tracks will be culled from a variety of sources including some of her live performances over the years and from other previously unreleased recordings.

March 2017
“1000 Pound Machine Demo”

This month’s free download is “1000 Pound Machine Demo.”  Kate and Will Kimbrough recorded this song in Kate’s living room immediately after they wrote it.  This demo version is an instrumental with Kate on the piano and Will on the acoustic guitar.  They  added the lyrics later.  The studio version of this song is the first track on the 1000 Pound Machine CD, which also contains an instrumental version of the song titled “1000 Pound Machine Reprise” (track 11).  The lyric version of “1000 Pound Machine” is Kate’s ode to the piano since it is a poetic description of what happens inside the piano when played.

To download the MP3 simply right-click (option-click Mac) on the link below and choose “Save Target As…” or “Save Linked File To Desktop” or something similar (different browsers use different wording).