Save The Day & 1000 Pound Machine


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Two CDs for a special low price!

Save The Day was produced by Walt Aldridge and includes the legendary Spooner Oldham on the To Kill A Mockingbird inspired song “Sorrowfree.”

Features guest vocals by John Prine (“Looking For Jesus”), Nanci Griffith (“Fordlandia”), Mac McAnally (“Falling Out Of Heaven”), and Kate’s New Agrarian pals Pierce Pettis and Tom Kimmel (“Everybody Knows Elvis”).

1. Save The Day
2. Welcome To Ray
3. Fordlandia
4. Dark Night Of The Soul
5. Color Of Love
6. More Than One More Day
7. Looking For Jesus
8. Back To The Moon
9. Falling Out Of Heaven
10. Everybody Knows Elvis
11. Shining Like The Sun
12. Sorrow free

1000 Pound Machine was produced by Will Kimbrough and features Spooner Oldham and Emmylou Harris.

The cover art “Keys” is by Brooklyn artist Michelle Mackey.

1. 1000 Pound Machine
2. Wait For Another Day
3. Montgomery To Mobile
4. Red Clay After Rain
5. Spoonerville
6. The Occasional Wailer
7. Alabama Department Of Corrections Meditation Blues
8. I Will Be Your Rest
9. God Bless You Arthur Blessitt
10. Walk With Me
11. 1000 Pound Machine (Reprise)