Road Notes

Road Notes #3

You never know what you’re gonna’ find when you take the back roads! Last summer heading South from New England down Interstate 81 there was a terrific traffic back-up in Southern Virginia. After several hours I was finally able to exit and found myself on Highway 11 where I came upon this VANAGON COLLECTION in […]


Road Notes #2

Thought I’d talk a little bit more about the “See Rock City” barn photo I took that’s now on the front page of my new website design. Usually I think about the barns I see heading East/Southeast from Nashville towards Chattanooga, TN where the ROCK CITY GARDENS sit atop Lookout Mountain. But several years ago […]


Road Notes #1

Welcome to my k.o.a. (Kate on America) diary! Here and there I’ll be posting random thoughts and snaps along the way. Thinking back and doing a little research through my songwriting notebook it all started with A YEAR WITH RUMI in 2012. The reading for May 20th: Birdsong brings relief to my longing. I am […]