Kate Campbell - Sidetracks

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Sidetracks EP

Kate Campbell

Sidetracks is a collection of songs that were literally “side tracks” used on various recordings as hidden tracks or songs part of compilation CDs. We decided to compile them for a Digital EP that is available exclusively at iTunes.

1. Freedom Train

“Freedom Train” came about when I was asked to write and record a song for a Civil Rights compilation CD that would include songs by various artists. Extraordinaire guitarist Pat Buchanan helped me produce the song one day at a small studio in Nashville. Unfortunately, the Civil Rights CD was never released. When the Civil Rights CD wasn’t released I re-recorded “Freedom Train” for the Blues and Lamentations CD, but I still liked this original version, so it found a home on Sidetracks.

2. Add Some Music To Your Day

Silent Planet Records asked me to select and record a track for a compilation CD they released titled Making God Smile: An Artists’ Tribute to the Songs of Beach Boy Brian Wilson. In addition to being one of my favorite Beach Boys songs, “Add Some Music to Your Day” easily lent itself to a catchy country-folk feel. Walt Aldridge produced the song with me at his studio in Florence, Alabama.

3. Funny Face (Alternate Blues Take)

During the Twang On A Wire sessions we recorded a couple of different takes of the song “Funny Face” made famous by Donna Fargo. One take, which ended up being track five on the Twang On A Wire CD, was pretty much a straight up country version. The other take had a more blues feel and ended up being a hidden track at the end of the CD. I thought it needed to come out of hiding and thus included it on Sidetracks!

4. Madonna W/Child Ca. 1969

Guy Clark is a songwriter’s songwriter whose catalog includes many well-known songs. “Madonna W/Child Ca. 1969” is one of his more obscure tunes that I really like. Spooner Oldham and I made a spur of the moment recording of the song one day at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals after a writing session. I don’t remember if we finished writing a song that day, but I’m glad we came away with this recording.

5. Miracle of the Rosary

Elvis recorded this song on May 15, 1971 at RCA Studio B in Nashville. Spooner and I recorded it on the spur of the moment one afternoon at Fame Studios (see previous note). “Miracle of the Rosary” was a hidden track at the end of the Wandering Strange CD, and like “Funny Face Alternate Blues Take,” came out of the shadows for the Sidetracks EP.

1. Freedom Train

Moses stood on the mountain
Looked over to the Promised Land
Took his people through the valley
Said I hope you understand

I may not get there with you
Keep on marching just the same
There ain’t no turning back
It’s a one-way track
When you jump that freedom train

They were running through the darkness
They were bleeding from the briars
Drowning out those howling dogs
They heard Miss Tubman’s cry

Now I’m not worried about anything
I’m not fearing any man
I have stood on the mountain
I have seen the Promised Land

Kate Campbell / Kevin Gordon
© 2003 Large River Music / Little Rain Music (BMI)

2. Add Some Music To Your Day

Brian Wilson / Mike Love / Joe Knott
© Brother Publishing Company (BMI)

3. Funny Face

Silver Yvonne Vaughn
© Embassy Music Corp. / EMI Algee Music Corp. (BMI)

4. Madonna W/ Child Ca. 1969

Guy Clark
© Word Song Publishing Inc. (ASCAP)

5. Miracle of the Rosary

Denson Lee
© Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music (BMI)

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